Half-Remembered Songs

Half Remembered Songs | Andrew Francis | May 2018

Half Remembered Songs is a collection of 21 instrumental compositions in an abstract style. It’s a hybrid of live performance and studio arrangement. HRS is a clash between colours competing for dominance, the aural equivalent of a fight in a pigment warehouse(*).


Half Remembered Songs was recorded semi-live; eight banks of pre-figured synthesizer and percussion tracks were loaded into a grid matrix in Ableton and Push. These clips were fired ad lib and accompanied by five lines of heavily processed and looped guitar tracks. The recordings were then pulled apart and extensively edited down to the finished songs.

The live templates were originated in October 2016. HRS was mastered in Audacity.

Track titles are malapropistic recollections of songs and lyrics from many genres and ages. It is impossible to place all 21 titles but please feel free to try.

Feast on Rat (That’s What I’m Going To Do) is built on percussive sounds sampled from domestic bits and bobs – wine glasses, saucepans, hoover pipes, a bust-up zipher etc.)

Orientar is semi-automated. Clips were triggered at random and for random durations. The guitar lines were improvised in one take on top.

John Virgin is a choir of 12 internet speech engines reading a poem (Oaken | Andrew Francis | 2018).

Your Love And A Sock I Think About is a re-imagined tribute to the pre-historic band Solaris.

(* yeah, I know)

Produced by: Andrew Francis | Contact: The Friends of Lime

1. Camera Is Really A Bowtie

2. Devil’s Sideboard

3. Don’t. Stop Thinking About Gomorrah

4. Feast on Rat (That’s What I’m Going To Do)

5. Four Mathews In A Big Black Car

 6. Gary Barlow Figaro

7. Heavenly Peas

8. Help Me Rhondda

9. I Love The Purple Clothes She Wears

10. John Virgin

11. Jolly Tarzan Amen

12. Just A Silly Face I’m Going Through

13. Lemon Gilly

14. Mother Hubbard Starfish He Evil Prays

15. No More Careless Batter

16. Orientar

17. Stairway to Nefyn (see also music video “Stairway“)

18. Try To Set Knighton On Fire

19. Wallless Hills

20. Wonderful Council House

21. Your Love And A Sock I Think About