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Born: 1957, Gloucestershire.

Lives in Ceredigion, West Wales.

Education: Liverpool University, Gloucestershire College of Art & Technology, University of Gloucestershire, Aberystwyth University.

I work mostly in landscape painting and use a variety of media, from acrylic and oil to collage and found materials. My subject matter is Wales and the west country, particularly my home county of Ceredigion in West Wales. I have roamed throughout the Marches of Wales to find source material for my paintings. Moving to Wales in 2013 gave me the opportunity to sample even more spectacular scenery.

My painting style has evolved over the years; from experiments with broken colour through discovering new materials and media to a broader sense of expression and fluidity in my work. I enjoy producing works of any scale; from the minute to the monumental.

As well as painting, I work in a variety of creative and design disciplines. My other activities include: playing and composing music; writing; cabinet design and making; graphic design; stained-glass panels; web design; 3D design; cartooning; letter carving; blogging and walking guides.

I have been a full-time painter since 2009. I worked for many years in local government communications until redundancy gave me the opportunity/challenge of a new career. I have been variously a publications manager, web designer, press officer, public relations manager and stacker-truck driver. When my time in public service ended I was Head of Internal Communications for a county council.

I was trained as a graphic designer. Art and design have formed the basis of my working life, even if, at times, it seemed to involve more words and paper than paint and canvas. When it was time to move on, it was a natural choice for me to pick up the brush again.

In 2019 I completed a Masters degree in Fine Art at Aberystwyth University.

Andrew Francis is internationally represented by White Court Art: http://www.whitecourtart.com

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