Spoticus and the Children’s Revolt by Andrew Francis


How one boy and an army of children overthrow the worst Prime Minister in British history

When bonkers Colonel Spackman becomes Prime Minister, his England for Adults party set about making sure that children are seen but not heard. But when every teenager in the land disappears overnight, Lewis Spottiswood decides it’s time to make a stand. His freedom march to the Isle of Wight Correction Zone attracts disaffected children from every town they pass. But, with government assassins hot on his trail, can Lewis lead his rebel army to victory? (742Kb) in a new tab)

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When the English government goes wonky, the nation’s children find themselves rounded up and sent off to “rehabilitation” prison camps. Unwilling to blindly go along with the ridiculous set up, Lewis and his friends come up with a plan to break free and revolt against the quack of a Prime Minister and all of his cronies.

I really enjoyed this book, and found it to be a fast paced and well written read. Great story for young adults, but also for the rest of us as well. It initially reminded me of James Patterson’s YA Witch & Wizard series, but was definitely a different story all the way around. Very entertaining; would for sure recommend this book to others.

4 of 5 stars

Rebekah Crain – Goodreads – 8th March 2013

This is a clever, funny book, skilfully written with plenty of excitement and an interesting, well thought-out plot. Because it’s fairly complex and has a bit of slightly bad language, I think it’s best suited to children over ten. The setting and humour are very British and might at times bemuse readers of other nationalities – but give it a go anyway. Lots of thought-provoking fun.

5 of 5 stars

Emma Laybourn – Smashwords – 4th January 2013